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Hair care doesn’t have to be complicated. When I first started my hair journey I joined Hairlista www.hairlista.com which has tons of information about taking care of your hair. As awesome as it was to be on a social network packed with info, inspiration and tons of ladies to socialize with, it was super overwhelming to gather all this new information and create a good & simple regimen that would work for me and my lifestyle.


I used to think that it wasn’t possible for my hair to “grow” past armpit length because it never would. It always fluctuated between shoulder length to armpit length. That being said I want to address my most frequently asked question/concern


First thing’s first: Your hair is always growing…might not be as fast as you want it to grow, but it is growing. The issue is that we are usually unable to retain the length so that we can achieve longer hair. WHY? BREAKAGE!!  Our hair’s worse nightmare lol. The average growth rate is 1/2 inch per month, so if our hair is breaking at the same rate or faster than it’s growing, it appears as though it won’t grow.

If the average hair growth rate is 1/2 per month that would mean that a year after doing a big chop you should have 6 inches of hair…in 2 years you should have 12 inches which is mid back length and in 3 years 18 inches which is past waist length!! For most of us from bald to waist length in 3 years sounds pretty fast since a lot of us have been at the same length for years…so how do we retain length???

hairlengthchart copy (1)


1. Make sure your hair NEVER get’s dry, this has been my savior since I almost always wear my hair out and I can get pretty lazy when it comes to taking care of it to avoid breakage. I use 4 things to achieve soft & moisturized hair: WATER, CONDITIONER, BUTTER & OIL

2. Do protective styles as often as you can to avoid friction between your hair and fabrics (buns/braids/twists/updos)…I’m not one to do protective styles because I like wearing my hair out, so I rely on step 1 to retain length, but i’d like to start doing more protective styles because it definitely makes a difference. Also, less is more so try not to manipulate your hair too much by doing all kind of different styles all the time because it can put strain on your hair

3. Always wear a satin scarf to bed, and/or get a satin pillowcase

4. When drying your hair always use a t-shirt or a microfiber towel…cotton and towels are deadly to our hair

5. Try to limit the amount of heat you use like blow drying and flat ironing, those are deadly too

6. Try not to dry-comb (combing hair while it’s dry). It’s best to detangle hair while it’s wet and or lubricated with a conditioner or detangler.




Here are a few more tips I have for people who are just getting started, or are struggling on their hair journey…



A hair journey can get quite complicated if you let it...I find that less is more. It can get overwhelming when you try to implement too many things into your regimen, and when it get's complicated you might be less likely to stick with it. Here's an example of a simple regimen in my opinion:

1. PREPOO: I use my Brazilian Coconut Oil and do the GHE (GREEN HOUSE EFFECT)
2. SHAMPOO (optional): I use Eli's Black Soap Shampoo (only when I have product build up, or I've been using gel)
3. DEEP CONDITION: I use my Anointed 3 in 1 Conditioner and leave it in for 45 minutes or more

1. CO-WASH: I do the curly girl method so I co-wash about once a week with my Anointed 3 in 1 Conditioner

1. CONDITION: I use a bit of distilled water in a spray bottle and my Anointed 3 in 1 Conditioner as a leave-in
2. BUTTER: I use 100% Pure Soy Butter
3. SEAL: I use my Anointed Stimulating Oil or Anointed Satin Seal Oil to seal it all in

Then style as usual...Voila!


BELIEVE your hair is getting stronger healthier and longer and it will... negative energy = negative results. This is the 1st and most important tip I have, and trust me it makes all the difference in the world when you're positive and optimistic as opposed to negative.

Don’t compare your hair and your results to someone else’s

Instead of wishing you had someone else's hair texture and not embracing what you have on your head, accept what God gave you and love it. It's so easy to watch all these YouTube videos and look at all these pics on hair care forums and drool over someone else's hair that is an entirely different texture from ours and start getting down on ourselves and wishing we had been "blessed" with a looser type 3 mixed chicks kinda curl pattern lol (and i'm speaking from experience). Not saying there's anything wrong with admiring another's hair, but don't do it to the point that you start feeling bad about your hair. If you have a 4c hair type start looking for inspiration from ladies that have long beautiful 4c hair I'll be posting some inspiration for the different hair types soon so stay tuned for the Hair Inspiration Gallery.

Patience Patience Patience!!!

Things don't usually work overnight. You need to be patient and consistent to start seeing results, and that goes for trying a new regimen or trying a new product. Don't just give up on a product after 1 or 2 uses, give your hair some time to adjust to it. I've tried products and hated them the 1st go, but went back to it later and loved it. Give a product a few tries before you toss it, it may just be that you need to alter how you use it for your hair to like it. Also, I never check my hair growth sooner than 3 months because it's hard to see much of a difference if you check it too soon or too often. If you check your hair every 2 weeks or even every month and the average hair growth rate is only 1/2 inch per month, you could get discouraged because you aren't noticing a difference yet, so be patient and positive.

LISTEN to your hair

I can't stress this one enough...EVERYTHING doesn't work for EVERYBODY. A product or regimen that works for Jane Doe may not work for you even if it appears as though you have the same texture of hair. For instance, majority of people will tell you that their hair loves coconut oil...my hair HATES coconut oil lol...for some reason it leaves it feeling crunchy and brittle so although I try to implement it into my monthly routine so that my hair can reap it's benefits, It's not something I use on a regular because my hair doesn't like it...soooo if it seems like your hair doesn't like something, whether it's a product or a technique, give it a few more shots. Tweak how you use it/do it and if your hair's still not feeling it, toss it.