What Is It & How Did It Start?

The Real Queens Regimen/Green House Effect is a hair care/growth method that Juvaun Ivauno and I came up with for me shortly after I started my hair journey. He noticed that I was trying to follow the techniques and regimen examples of others on the hair care networks I had recently joined and he thought I should just keep it simple. Since I had a newborn to take care of it was difficult for me to stick to such complicated lengthy regimens that involved weekly/bi-weekly routines that others were doing and recommending. Being a new mother I was having a lot of trouble finding the time to shampoo/condition/deep condition on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, plus I have never been one to be consistent with a routine lol…so Ivauno proposed that I apply the oil that I was currently using on my hair only (not scalp) and put a shower cap over it. This hot oil treatment/baggying method created a nice warm & moist environment that we started to call the Green House Effect. Being really into using natural products, we decided that I would try and only use natural hair products, shampoo only once a month, condition only when I need to and do the Green House Effect as often as possible. When I noticed how much growth I was getting from from doing the GHE I decided I wanted to make YouTube videos and start a blog/website about this simple regimen to share it with our fellow sisters so that they could optimize their hair growth and health as well.

So there’s 2 components to this method
1. The Real Queens Regimen
2. The Green House Effect

1. The Real Queens Regimen is very simple…

  • Prepoo and shampoo once a month (or twice if necessary)
  • Condition if you need/want to
  • Try to only use 100% natural products in your hair
  • Do the Green House Effect as often as you can (for me, the more the better 🙂

2. The Green House Effect

  • Apply 100% natural oil, oil blend, or butter of your choice to dry or damp hair (not scalp)
  • You can prep your hair for the next day with braids/twists/bantus, or just do a ponytail or bun, it’s up to you
  • Put on a shower cap/plastic bag & tie it with a head tie (for extra heat you can wear a hat over that)
  • Go to sleep or leave it on for a long period of time
  • In the morning just style your hair as usual (if doing a set for best results let it air dry before you take out your braids/twists/bantus)

*Do this every night if you can…the more I did it the better! However everyone’s hair and scalp is different so you may need to do it less often…just listen to your hair 😉

What’s The Point of the GHE, What does it do?

The GHE creates a nice warm, steamy, tropical environment for your hair to grow in. It helps to produce more Sebum on your scalp which is your body’s natural oil, which will help nourish your hair and help it grow. The focus of the GHE is to allow the natural oil (sebum) that God created in our bodies to help grow our hair and just let nature take it’s course.

1. GROWTH: From doing the Green House Effect I’ve managed to average an inch of hair growth a month which is double the average hair growth rate which is 1/2 inch per month
2. MOISTURE/MANAGEABILITY: the moisture produced from doing the GHE makes hair moist and more manageable especially for relaxed ladies. It’s amazing for new growth!

How often should I do it?

The more I do it the better my results, but everyone’s hair/scalp is different…I get best results and the most growth when i do it at least 5 nights a week. You can do it all day and night if you’d like…just listen to your hair and see what it likes.

What do I do when I take it off, do I wash it out?

No, the whole purpose is to allow your sebum to build up long enough to do what it does so you don’t want to wash it out. Just style your hair as usual.

When should I expect to see growth/how much growth will I get?

Everyone's hair is different and grows at different rates so I can only speak for myself. Furthermore, your overall regimen and how you care for your hair including your diet and health also have a huge part to play in your hair growth. Some people start noticing growth within weeks, but I personally don't like to do frequent length checks because it's difficult to see noticeable results soo soon. I prefer to give myself a 3 month challenge and check my length after the 3 months. The average hair growth rate is 1/2 inch per month provided you retain all your length. When I do my 3 month challenges I can average as much as 3 inches of growth for the 3 months.

What oils should I use?

I recommend using the Anointed Stimulating Oil because I designed it to go well with the GHE. By default oil does get on to the scalp and the Anointed Stimulating Oil is 100% natural and contains tons of hair loving oils as well as essential oils that help to stimulate growth and stimulate your sebaceous glands to produce more of your scalps natural oils which is sebum. It also contains keratin which is the key structural component of hair. I also use butter because it adds an added layer of protection. My favorite butter to use is Soy Butter because it's not too heavy or thick and works as a conditioning agent to help hair become softer. Nonetheless, you can try whatever oils, oil mixtures and butters you would like. I don't like using lighter oils for my hair because I don't find them to be very effective on my hair, and I also don't like using something too heavy like castor oil on an everyday basis because it can make my hair feel too greasy.

Will the GHE cause moisture overload?

It all depends on what else you're doing to your hair. For instance, if you frequently condition or deep condition (for moisture not protein) then you could very well get moisture overload if your hair doesn't need to be deep conditioned. The GHE is  kind of like a deep conditioning process in itself so that's why I recommend using conditioner as needed to avoid something like that from happening. Just listen to your hair, it'll tell you what it needs

Can I wash my hair more often then once a month?

Yes you can, especially if you aren't only using 100% natural products and you have product build up from unnatural products that you are using. I usually only use natural products so i don’t have an issue with washing my hair once a month, but if i use unnatural gel in my hair I will shampoo my hair twice a month. If you’re someone that works out or sweats a lot you can co-wash as needed, or just do rinses with water only (which is what I do)…again you don’t want to scrub away your sebum, so if you must you can wash your hair more often but try not to wash away your sebum from your scalp.

My hair is too oily

Use however much oil your hair needs…you don’t have to put a lot if you don’t need a lot. If your hair is already sufficiently oiled the next day/night you do not need to reapply the oil, you can just skip that process and put on your shower cap and head tie and just reapply the oil when you feel you need to. The only time I use a lot of oil is when I’m going to be in the house for a few days and intend on doing the GHE day in and day out without taking it off or if I am prepooing.

My hair is too damp the next day

If your hair is too damp to style your hair as desired the following day you can simply let it air dry prior to styling, or if you’re pressed for time use a blow drier or fan to speed up the drying process

My head feels itchy

After the 5th consecutive day of doing the GHE my scalp starts to feel a little itchy so i simply hop in the shower to rinse my hair with water and massage my scalp and that does the trick for me. There’s actually a discussion about
this on the Real Queen’s site where other ladies experienced the same thing http://realqueens.ning.com/group/realqueensregimensummer2011challenge/forum/topics/itchy-scalp-and-what-to-doItching can be caused by a few things…
1. it could be the oil(s) you’re using, for instants JBCO has been known to cause a lot of itching so be mindful of the oils or mixtures you use to do the GHE…JBCO made my scalp itch even though i wasn’t putting it directly on it, the little bit that did get on it made it itch a lot

2. try not to put anything directly on your scalp so that it’s able to breath and be mindful of the products you are using as well especially if they are unnatural products that may cause build up and itching…I like to make sure my scalp is product free to avoid dirt and build up

3. when hair grows it tends to itch because there is activity taking place on the scalp, so the movement can cause itchiness

My hair smells

I don’t usually have this issue because I don’t work out or sweat a lot, but for those of you who do, sweat mixed with your sebum can cause an odor so you can co wash from time to time if needed, or do rinses with water. To make my hair smell good I simply apply my Eli’s Mango/Papaya Shea Oil or my Eli’s Cocoa Butter (aka chocolate butter) to my hair when styling so that it smells good. Natural oils don’t have the greatest smell to them so you can always add a little essential oil to your oil/butters to make them smell good

My hair gets dry throughout the day

Some people find that after doing the green house effect their hair feels moist at first but as the day progresses it starts to get dry. When styling in the morning I moisturize and seal/butter and seal with natural products…if rocking my defined curls I usually apply water (moisturize) then I apply a butter and seal with an oil. When I’m not defining my curls i just skip the water and just butter and seal. When you style your hair in the morning use whatever products (preferably natural ones) to add and seal in moisture for the rest of the day.

How do I know I’m doing it right?

There’s 2 ways of knowing if it’s working. If you get little water droplets in your shower cap the next day you definitely did it right. Sometimes I don’t get little water drops but I know it’s working because I can feel the warmth/steam on my head and when I take the cap off in the morning my head again i can feel the warmth/steam and my hair feels slightly moist. If you are concerned that you aren’t doing it right because you aren’t getting the water droplets, simply spritz a little bit of water in your hair prior to doing the GHE. This kind of helps kick start the moisture process.

Can I oil my scalp?

 I do not oil my scalp ever, and I never recommend doing so. The whole point of the GHE is to leave your scalp alone to allow your body’s natural oils accumulate on the scalp to aid with the growth and health of your hair. If you use an oil on your scalp, especially one as potent as JBCO which clogs the scalp disabling your natural oils to come out the way you want them to, then it just defeats the purpose of doing the GHE. If you are someone who suffers from extremely dry scalp and have needed to apply oil to your scalp to relieve dryness or itchiness then I would recommend using a very light oil, or an oil that is closest to the scalps natural sebum (like jojoba oil) so that it doesn't hinder the GHE too much. The GHE helps to produce more sebum on your scalp and as time progresses your sebum should be enough to do the trick, so try to ween yourself off of using the oil to allow your natural sebum to replace it.

Can I combine this challenge with another challenge?

Yes and no…I say this because, you can do it however you choose to do it and tweak it however you want. However your results may differ and there’s no way of telling what your results will be unless you try it. A lot of people like to combine this challenge with a challenge that involves oiling your scalp which is fine if that’s what you want to do, but again I’ve never done that so when someone asks me if there results will be the same as mine if they combine it with another challenge that involves oiling the scalp or putting some type of “growth aid” on the scalp then you’re doing something entirely different then what I’ve been doing to achieve my results…so yes you can, but your results may vary. Furthermore, it could even have an adverse effect or cause side effects (like itchy scalp or shedding)

Can I add this to my current regimen and get the same results?

As I just mentioned above, you can do it however you choose to do it and tweak it however you want. However, your results may differ and there’s no way of telling what your results will be unless you try it. A lot of ladies implement it to their own routine regimens and like their results but I can say what your results will be or how it will work for you because it all depends on how frequently you wash your hair and what products you use.

Can it be done with braids/weave?

 Yes it can. if you have a sew in you can run a little bit of oil on the braids underneath with your fingers or an applicator bottle to keep them from getting dry and just apply the shower cap and head tie as usual. If you have braids or kinky twists, I would just apply a little bit of oil to your hair (not scalp) and do the GHE as usual.

Can it be done with mini twists?

Yes. You can do the GHE with any style you want and mini twists or box braids work fine too.

Can it be done under a wig?

Yes, this is also a great protective hairstyle to do the GHE.

Can it be done on relaxed/transitioning hair?

Yes. I often recommend buttering and sealing when doing the GHE on transitioning hair to minimize the inevitable dryness and breakage that comes along with transitioning. Some ladies find that simply using water to moisten the hair and oil to seal it just doesn't work and leaves the hair feeling dry as the day progresses so I strongly advise either moistening with water, buttering & sealing with oil then doing the GHE, or just skip the water if you don’t need it and buttering & sealing then doing the GHE.

I don’t think I’m producing enough heat (no moisture drops)

I’m not a big sweater so sometimes I find it hard to produce enough heat…here are a few things you can try if you’re in the same boat:

1. Make sure your shower cap/bag has no holes, is big enough to cover everything but isn’t loose, and if it is you can try using a little elastic band to tie up any excess plastic

2. You can try using 2 plastic caps instead of one (that’s what I’m currently doing)

3. If you aren’t already, you can spritz your hair with a bit of water to moisten it…i find this kind of gives that tropical
environment a little kick start

Can the GHE make my hair fall out?

Say for instance someone is using an oil like JBCO they may experience excessive shedding because when i used to sell/use JBCO i had a lot of people mention that it was too strong for them and started making their hair shed excessively so that could be the problem whether their doing the GHE or not JBCO is known for excessive shedding which is why i find that most people mix it with other oils to dilute it…other than that i haven’t heard of the GHE making anyone’s hair fall out

Can too much sebum make my hair fall out?

I've been using this hair growth method for almost 2 years now and as you can see from my progress pics and vids my hair definitely hasn't been falling out lol. If you've done your research on sebum you've probably found tons of negative information about it, including that it can cause hair loss. Keep in mind that the majority of the information you've found is geared to Caucasian hair types not afro textured hair. While Caucasians need to wash their hair on a daily basis otherwise it get’s too oily due to their sebum production, afro textured hair is the exact opposite and needs to be washed waay less otherwise it get’s super dry and is more prone to breakage. In a nutshell Caucasians have too much and black people just don’t have enough, that being said, the GHE is what will help produce enough. For more info about this, stay tuned as I will be doing a blog post on this in the near future.

Is the GHE the same as baggying?

No, although they do have a couple similarities. Baggying is when you apply a moisturizer or some use a conditioner (usually unnatural) to the hair and then
put on a plastic sandwich bag or plastic shower cap over the hair, or
ponytail, for a long period of time (2-3hrs or overnight). It’s recommended that you don’t seal, then put on your baggy. Once you take off the plastic cap, you can seal your ends with an oil of your choice.GHE involves using all natural products (water/butter/oil), you place the cap on the whole head and leave it on as long as possible and do it as often as you can.


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C H A L L E N G E   A
1. Shampoo once a month
2. Condition as needed (once a month or not at all if you don’t feel you need to)
3. Do the Green House Effect as often as possible…the more you do it the better
4. Try to only use natural products

C H A L L E N G E   B
Add the Green House Effect to your own regimen, changing little or nothing of what your current routine.