I love love love GHE! I lost lots of my hair due to stress and years of wearing weaves. Weave really damaged my scalp and my hair thinned out in the front. I had to get medicated shampoos and had to wear wigs for about 4 years. My hair never grew passed my neck and it was falling off like crazy.  I was so depressed that I cryed at night. I hated wearing wigs. So I did research online and on youtube. I found Real Queens and I started doing the GHE w/EVOO July 2012. In about a month of doing GHE, my hair stopped falling out. In about two month,  I’ve noticed that my hair had started to grow longer. Early this month, I had a kerotine treatment done. I couldn’t believe how long my hair was! OMG my hair was SL touching my back. My hair in the front is still somewhat thin but I’m very happy with my results. I’ve now set a goal to reach APL. So now I wear my wigs for protective style not because I have to. Thanks Meeka for making my dreams come true. I honestly had to post this because at age 50 this is the first time in my life that my hair touches my back. I can’t thank you enough for sharing the GHE. – www.RealQueens.net